Pyrex Turquoise Cup PC – Pack USA Plastic Food Storage Lid Substitute

The Pyrex Turquoise Cup PC signifies a splendid solution for food storage, given to you from the pack USA. Produced from resilient plastic, this turquoise lid functions as a substitute for your food containers.
The Pyrex Turquoise Cup PC, hailing from Pack USA, presents a trustworthy plastic substitute for your food storage lids. Exceptional in its hue, this turquoise lid becomes the appropriate solution for those in pursuit of durable and stylish container accessories. Its plastic constitution makes sure of its long-lastingness, offering a substitute choice for users who have misplaced their original lid or are in quest of something new and vibrant. This product comes in a pack and is tailored to suit standard Pyrex food containers, ensuring the perfect fit and sustained freshness of your edibles.

Q: Can I use Pyrex Turquoise Cup PC for my other food containers?
A: Yes, while this lid is designed for Pyrex containers, it might fit other containers of similar dimensions.

Q: Does the color fade over time?
A: Due to its high-quality plastic material, the vibrant turquoise color stays intact even with regular use.

Q: Can this lid endure high temperatures?
A: Yes, the Pyrex Turquoise Cup PC Lid is made of durable plastic that can withstand standard kitchen temperature variations.

Q: How many lids come in a pack?
A: The specific quantity in a pack can vary. Please check the product details for accurate information.

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