Reliable, Triple-Layered Stainless Steel Frying Pan – Skillet with Ergonomic Handle for Induction Hobs

Discover this robust and high-performance frying pan, meticulously crafted from tri-ply stainless steel. Featuring an ergonomic handle for ease of use, this skillet provides a safe, oven-ready body, rendering it an excellent companion for induction cooktops.

Experience the finest in cooking with our premium stainless steel frying pan. Its construction showcases three layers of stainless steel, offering unmatched durability, even heat distribution, and easy maintenance. A perfect partner for your induction stoves, it enables versatile cooking, from searing meat to stir-frying veggies.

The ergonomic handle is a prominent feature, designed for comfortable handling while reducing heat transfer. This ensures your hand remains cool, even when the pan is hot, allowing for safe manoeuvring.

Not only designed for induction stoves, this skillet’s adaptability extends to all cooktops and it is safe for oven use, adding a layer of versatility to your cooking routine.

Elevate your culinary skills and make cooking a delightful experience with our tri-ply stainless steel frying pan.

Q: What is the size of the frying pan?
A: This high-grade skillet is an inch frying pan, ideal for versatile cooking needs.

Q: Is this pan compatible with all types of stoves?
A: Yes, while it’s optimised for induction stoves, the frying pan is adaptable and compatible with all types of cooktops.

Q: How does the ergonomic handle benefit users?
A: The ergonomic handle is designed for comfortable, secure grip, and it minimises heat transfer, keeping your hand cool even when the pan is hot.

Q: Can this frying pan be used in the oven?
A: Absolutely! This pan has a safe, oven-ready body, adding an extra dimension to your cooking possibilities.