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✔Highest Quality Organic Super-Soft Unbleached Cotton – Your No Odor Natural Paper Towels Are A Legitimate Sustainable Bamboo Towel Alternative! Produced With Carbon Neutral Manufacturing, 100% Gots Certified (Global Organic Textile Standard). They Have Been Produced To The Highest Standards Whilst Maintaining The Functionality You Need In Washable Kitchen Cloths. Simple Sustainable Living, Made With Love!.
✔Eco Friendly And Super Versatile Round The Home – Mioeco Reusable Cleaning Cloths Are The Perfect Tool For Any Chores Normally Dealt With By Using Non Environmental Cloths And Tissues! These Large Cloths Make For Easy Use Drying, Washing, Mopping Up Any Mess. They Have Been Designed To Last Hence The Reason They Are Machine Washable And Durably Put Together With Carefully Serged Edges!.
✔Value Pack Of Large Cloths, Less Trips To The Shops – Pack Of 10 And 20 Paper Towel Available As Well! Dish Cloths, Approximately 10 X 12 Inches. Why Not Use Them As Napkins! In Fact These Recycled Paper Towels Have A Multitude Of Uses. Whether You’re Cleaning Up The Family Mess After A Busy Dinner Time Meal Or Simply Drying Something On The Sideboard! We Have You Covered! The Paper Towel Alternative Is Here To Make Your Life Easier..
✔Multi-Purpose & Super Absorbent Saving You Time And Money – Machine Washable, Quick Drying, And Will Replace Many Household Cleaning & Kitchen Disposables. Designed To Be Worked Hard, And Will Massively Improve In Absorbency The More They Are Used & Washed! The Organic Cotton Is Thick And Strong Leaving No Clean Up Mission Unfinished! Kitchen Paper Towels Do Not Have The Quality To Really Tackle Those Typical Household Dramas! Welcome To The Solution!.


Great Alternative To Paper Towels Helping You Reduce Waste – You’ll love these bleach free washable, reusable paper towels. An eco friendly, zero waste alternative to a regular paper towel that can last for years! Unlike other paper towels the Mioeco biodegradable paper towels absorb spillages and mess far easier…. And the best bit? You can simply wash them out and use them again and again! Multi-Purpose & Super Absorbent Saving You Time And Money – Machine washable, quick drying, and will replace many household cleaning & kitchen disposables. Designed to be worked hard, and will massively improve in absorbency the more they are used & washed! The organic cotton is thick and strong leaving no clean up mission unfinished! Kitchen paper towels do not have the quality to really tackle those typical household dramas! Welcome to the solution! Highest Quality Organic Super-Soft Unbleached Cotton – Your no odor natural paper towels are a legitimate sustainable bamboo towel alternative! Produced with carbon neutral manufacturing, 100% GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard). They have been produced to the highest standards whilst maintaining the functionality you need in washable kitchen cloths. Simple sustainable living, made with love! Value Pack Of Large Cloths, Less Trips To The Shops – Pack of 10 and 20 Paper towel available as well! Dish cloths, approximately 10 x 12 inches. Why not use them as napkins! In fact these recycled paper towels have a multitude of uses. Whether you’re cleaning up the family mess after a busy dinner time meal or simply drying something on the sideboard! We have you covered! The paper towel alternative is here to make your life easier. Eco Friendly And Super Versatile Round The Home – Mioeco reusable cleaning cloths are the perfect tool for any chores normally dealt with by using non environmental cloths and tissues! These large cloths make for easy use drying, washing, mopping up any mess. They have been designed to last hence the reason they are machine washable and durably put together with carefully serged edges!

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· So reusable — and washable — bamboo towels that look and feel like a regular paper towel? Yes, please! First off, these are made from bamboo, which is incredibly fast-growing and, according to Bambooee, requires no fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides.

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· Bamboo Towels – Heavy Duty Eco Friendly Machine Washable Reusable Bamboo Towels – One roll replaces 6 months of towels! Some are really expensive, these aren’t so bad. DESIGN – Our heavy-duty bamboo towels are stronger, more absorbent and durable than regular paper towels. Made from a sustainable organic bamboo source, each roll comes …

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Like the name implies, reusable paper towels do the same job as your trusty kitchen counter roll, except you can use them more than once. You’ll find different kinds made of different blends, but generally, they’ll come in sturdy natural materials like cellulose, cotton, or bamboo. Reusable paper towels have been around for over 70 years.

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· There are so many reasons to ditch single-use paper towels in favor of washable, reusable bamboo options. You’ll not only save money, but you’ll be doing the earth a favor, too.

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Bamboo Paper Towels 2 Rolls, 100 Sheets – Reusable/Sustainable/Eco Friendly. MSRP: $ 25.99. Sale: $19.99. Product Description. Product Specification. Bamboo Reusable & Disposable Paper Towels. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plant. It grows naturally, making it far better choice over using cotton or any other material. Use of bamboo …

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· Reusable towels, in case you don’t know, are just that. They are some amazing combination of a paper towel, a sponge, and a dish towel all in one, that’s made from cellulose.

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So we’ve rounded up reusable paper towel alternatives (plus one brand making tree-free paper towels) that are durable, long-lasting, and made with sustainability in mind. Your home, wallet, and Mother Nature will thank you. If you’re looking for more sustainable alternatives to toilet paper, we’ve got you covered here.

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They are made from sustainable certified organic bamboo source with each roll can save up to 60 conventional paper towel rolls and fits in your regular paper towel dispenser. These 11′ x 12′ perforated tear off sheets are machine washable and reusable up to 120 times before discarding.

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Choose your pack size of Bamboo reusable cloths. One towel is approximately 29 x 29 cm. These bamboo cloths are an excellent, Eco-friendly paper towel alternative. It’s a reusable bath towel that is made from 100% bamboo fiber, is fully bio-degradable, and is completely compostable. It dries within 30 minutes without any energy use.

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Beco Eco-Friendly Reusable Kitchen Towel Roll – 20 Sheets Natural & Organic Cleaning Bamboo Cloth No Trees Cut. Write a review. SKU: KT20. PRODUCT TYPE: Kitchen Towel. VENDOR: Ecosattva Label. Rs. 299.00. Beco Bambooee kitchen Towel Made From Organic Bamboo & Washable Upto 100 Times.There are many people who use paper towels in the kitchen.