Review: 2-Set Silicone Slow Cooker Liners by SelfTek – A Game Changer for Crockpot Users!

These silicone slow cooker liners from SelfTek are of exceptional quality. They are a great fit for Crock-Pot and Hamilton Beach 7-8 Qt Oval slow cookers. The set includes liners in both red and black colors. One of the significant advantages of using these liners is the ability to cook two different types of food in your crockpot without them mixing. Moreover, they are dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze.

A minor downside is that they are just a tad small for some crockpots. However, their utility can’t be understated. They make the clean-up process so much more comfortable – it’s as simple as wiping down your crockpot after use. One user noted how she made chicken on one side and potatoes and vegetables on the other. After cooking, she simply lifted out the dividers, revealing a delicious dinner and an almost clean crockpot. These liners are a game-changer for many, with several users emphasizing how much they love the product and the added convenience it brings to their cooking routine.

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2-Set Silicone Slow Cooker Liners by SelfTek

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