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Built-In Carabiner: The Carabiner Allows You To Clip The Towel To Somewhere Within Your Reach On The Course, Clip It To Your Golf Bag, Your Belt Or Your Golf Cart So That You Can Take Advantage Of This Super Absorbent Microfiber Towel And Keep Your Gear Clean At Any Time..
Package List: In This Pack, You Get 3 Super Absorbent Waffle Pattern Microfiber Towels, 3 Metal Carabiners, 3 Hook And Loop Straps. Enjoy Your Whole New Golf Experience With Handy Picks And Order Now!.
Practical Hook And Loop Fastener: Each Towel Came Wrapped By A 10″ Long Hook And Loop Fastener, It Helps You To Keep Your Towels Organized When Not In Use..
Superb Cleaning Ability: Light-Weighted Microfiber But Amazingly Absorbent, The Waffle Pattern Towel Gets To The Dimples On The Golf Ball And Into The Grooves Of Your Club, It Cleans Your Sunglasses With No Streaks Left. The Microfiber Towel Is Easy To Clean, Its Fast Drying Feature Helps You Stay Away From Unpleasant Odor..

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Convenient Golf Towel: each Handy Picks waffle pattern microfiber golf towel is sized at 16″ x 16″, it is designed to be handy and to fit in your pocket. Take it with you to the course, clean your golf ball before putting, clean your club after swings, clean your eyewear with no streaks.Superb cleaning ability: light-weighted microfiber but amazingly absorbent, the waffle pattern towel gets to the dimples on the golf ball and into the grooves of your club, it cleans your sunglasses with no streaks left. The microfiber towel is easy to clean, its fast drying feature helps you stay away from unpleasant odor.Built-in carabiner: the carabiner allows you to clip the towel to somewhere within your reach on the course, clip it to your golf bag, your belt or your golf cart so that you can take advantage of this super absorbent microfiber towel and keep your gear clean at any time.Practical hook and loop fastener: each towel came wrapped by a 10 long hook and loop fastener, it helps you to keep your towels organized when not in use.Package list: in this pack, you get 3 super absorbent waffle pattern microfiber towels, 3 metal carabiners, 3 hook and loop straps. Enjoy your whole new golf experience with Handy Picks and Order Now!