SAMSUNG Electronics VR20T6001MW/AA Jetbot Robotic Cleans with Dual Spi


Automatic Water Dispenser – Double Water Tanks Keep The Pads Thoroughly Moisturized, Allowing For Up To 50 Minutes Run Time Without Any Refill Needed*. Superior Edge Coverage – The Spinning Pads Are Intelligently Positioned To Extend From Under The Unit So It Can Remove Even More Dust And Hair From Hard-To-Reach Areas. Smart System Sensor – Safely And Precisely Clean Corners While Avoiding Walls, Carpeting, And Furniture; The System Even Stops The Unit From Dropping Off Of Steps Or Stairs. Dual Spin Technology – Two Spinning Pads Allow The Unit To Move, Turn, And Clean Simultaneously For Maximum Results.


SIMPLICITY IN ACTION – Designed to make your life easier, the Samsung Jetbot Mop automatically negatives your home, avoiding obstacles as wet spinning pads remove dust and grimeDUAL SPIN TECHNOLOGY – Two spinning pads allow the unit to move, turn, and clean simultaneously for maximum resultsAUTOMATIC WATER DISPENSER – Double water tanks keep the pads thoroughly moisturized, allowing for up to 50 minutes run time without any refill needed*SMART SYSTEM SENSOR – Safely and precisely clean corners while avoiding walls, carpeting, and furniture; the system even stops the unit from dropping off of steps or stairsSUPERIOR EDGE COVERAGE – The spinning pads are intelligently positioned to extend from under the unit so it can remove even more dust and hair from hard-to-reach areas