Silicone Food-Grade Poaching Cup: Stick-Free, Microwave & Stovetop Safe

Explore our durable Silicone Poaching Cup, ideal for a stress-free cooking experience. Designed for utmost convenience, this tool is microwave and stovetop safe. Its food-grade composition ensures safe usage, while its stick-free nature guarantees effortless cooking and cleaning. Notably, it doubles as an effective ring stander, further elevating its functionality.
Our Silicone Poaching Cup stands as a testament to practical design and seamless functionality. Crafted from food-grade silicone, it promises no compromise on safety or hygiene. It effortlessly accommodates the microwave and stovetop use, lending itself as an all-round cooking companion.

Its non-stick surface ensures that your poached creations slide off with ease, providing you with perfect results every time. This feature also simplifies cleaning, saving you from the hassle of stubborn food residues.

More than just a poaching cup, it functions as an efficient ring stander as well. This attribute enhances its versatility, giving you more ways to use it within your kitchen.

Pack-free in design, this tool does not contribute to unnecessary waste or clutter. Offering remarkable utility and comfort, our Silicone Poaching Cup is a must-have for every contemporary kitchen.

Q: Is the Silicone Poaching Cup safe for microwave use?
A: Absolutely, it’s designed to be microwave safe, catering to convenient and quick cooking.

Q: What material is the Poaching Cup made of?
A: It’s made from food-grade silicone, ensuring safety and hygiene in your cooking process.

Q: Does food stick to this poaching cup?
A: Not at all. The cup features a non-stick surface, facilitating easy cooking and cleaning.

Q: Can this cup be used on a stovetop?
A: Yes, it’s stovetop safe, making it an all-around addition to your kitchen.

Q: What else can I use this Silicone Poaching Cup for?
A: Besides poaching, it serves as a reliable ring stander, increasing its utility within your kitchen.