Silicone Groment Oven Mitts with Heat Resistant Non-Slip Set of 2, C

3.Heat Resistant And Cold-Resistant-Heat Resistant And Cold-Resistant,Protecting You From Hot Pots,Plates And Bowls Also Freezing.The Silicone Material Helps The Mitts Withstand Temperatures From 40 To 230,Being Able To Maintain Its Good Performances..
5.Gray Yellow Black-Our Long Silicone Groment Oven Mitts Are Available In Three Colors,The Colors Are Very Beautiful And Durable..
4.Machine Washable-This Oven Glove Is Machine Washable And Reusable,Which Directly Decrease Your Using Costs. Surface Dirty,Simply Clean With Water..
2.Small And Light-The Pinch Oven Mitts Are Small And Light Which Can Be Stored Easily And Hanged On Wherever You Like In Your Kitchen With The Built-In Holes..


1.SOFT,BREATHABLE,NON-SLIP-These silicone oven mitts are flexible,breathable,and provide an improved control and stability thanks to a non-skid,textured palm. The soft polyester-cotton lining also adds an extra protection comfort layer. And keep your hands flexible even after wearing our oven gloves.2.SMALL AND LIGHT-The pinch oven mitts are small and light which can be stored easily and hanged on wherever you like in your kitchen with the built-in holes.3.HEAT RESISTANT AND COLD-RESISTANT-Heat Resistant and Cold-resistant,protecting you from hot pots,plates and bowls also freezing.The silicone material helps the mitts withstand temperatures from 40 to 230,being able to maintain its good performances.4.MACHINE WASHABLE-This oven glove is machine washable and reusable,which directly decrease your using costs. Surface dirty,Simply clean with water.5.GRAY YELLOW BLACK-Our Long Silicone Groment Oven Mitts are available in three colors,the colors are very beautiful and durable.

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· Oven mitts are ergonomically designed so you can confidently reach into a broiling oven and grab hold of anything — regardless of shape, size, or weight — and be able to move it safely and easily. Today, oven mitts are made with synthetic materials, like silicone, Kevlar, and Nomex, to increase heat resistance and provide a stronger grip.

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The best oven mitt. In addition to being heat-proof, the silicone exterior of this oven mitt is grippy, easy to maneuver, and water resistant, while the polyester-cotton lining adds extra …

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· The oven mitts are heat resistant to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, which is all you’ll need to stay safe and comfortable. The mitts have a removable cotton lining and a 100% silicone exterior. They are waterproof even in boiling water and offer users a non …

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· JH Heat Resistant Double Silicone Layer Oven Gloves. 14. FERLLYMI Heat Resistant Silicone Shell Kitchen Oven Mitts. 15. Cuisinart Heat Resistant Quilted Oven Gloves. 16. Killer’s Instinct Outdoors Heat Resistant Oven Gloves. Oven mitts come in all sizes and designs. They might not be the sexiest fashion item but they are an essential part of …

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· For a full upgrade, this set comes with two extra-long silicone oven mitts and two silicone pot holders, though the pot holders can also be used as trivets or even as jar openers.At 14.7 inches …

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· As Seen on TV. The ‘Ove’ Glove isn’t just a gimmicky product—it actually lives up to the hype. This mitt is heat-protective up to 540 degrees thanks to its three key layers: inner double-knit cotton, outer heat and flame-resistant material and non-slip silicone grips.

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Kevlar and Nomex oven mitts are made from the same strong, synthetic fabric found in firefighter clothes. These oven mitts are typically paired with silicone for a great grip while withstanding high heat and are best for protection. Perfect for the grill, changing hot light bulbs, as well as pulling out that hot casserole from the oven.

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Made of food-grade silicone with a honeycomb design that is non-slip and flexible to hold kitchen utensils. The color of the potholders & oven mitts will not change even if you use this for a long time, and it does not hold stains, mildew, mold, and bad odors. It has a heat resistance of 450°F; it will protect you from cold and hot surfaces.

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· Unlike the typical oven mitts, these have separate five fingers that allow you to be more comfortable. Besides, the silicon grip on the Yuxier Heat Resistant Oven Gloves are great for holding on to the most slippery items without letting them fall. Heated or not, these got you covered for all …

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· It is mainly because they do not allow for the use of individual digits. With heat-resistant gloves, you can tightly grasp around the handles of pots and pans, around the edges of baking trays and dishes. Another reason why you should get heat-resistant gloves is that cloth oven mitts can only protect your hands from heat up to a certain point.