Skillet Fry Pan with Clear Silicone Coated Handle & Glass Lid

Our fry pan stands out as an indispensable kitchen asset. Designed with a clear silicone handle for optimal grip, it enhances your cooking experience by providing even heat distribution, all while promising durability. To ensure convenient observation of your culinary preparations, it comes with a transparent glass lid. This combination promises a cooking environment that is both safe and efficient.
The skillet fry pan has been intricately crafted, considering not only aesthetics but also functionality. Its silicone-coated handle ensures it remains cool to touch, even while the pan heats up, preventing unfortunate mishaps that can happen in a busy kitchen. The transparency of the glass lid is not merely a design choice; it allows you to monitor the progress of your food without lifting the lid, keeping the heat and flavours intact.

The pan itself, built to last, distributes heat evenly, ensuring all your ingredients are cooked uniformly. No hot spots, no partially cooked food, just consistent results every time. An added advantage of this skillet fry pan is its compatibility with various heat sources. You can use it on an induction cooktop, gas stove, or even in an oven, expanding your range of culinary exploits.

Cleaning up after is also a breeze. The surface of the pan is designed to reduce food sticking, making it easier to clean after use. Remember, though, that while the pan can stand high temperatures, the silicone handle and glass lid should be treated with more care to prolong their life.

Q: Is the silicone handle on the skillet fry pan heat resistant?
A: Absolutely, the handle’s silicone coating ensures it stays cool, even as the pan heats up.

Q: Can the pan be used on any type of cooktop?
A: Indeed, the pan is compatible with a variety of heat sources, including induction and gas stoves.

Q: How do I clean the skillet fry pan?
A: The pan’s surface is designed to reduce food sticking, so cleaning is as easy as using a soft sponge and dish soap. However, the silicone handle and glass lid should be handled more gently.

Q: Can I use this pan in an oven?
A: Yes, but remember that the silicone handle and glass lid may not be as heat-resistant as the pan itself, so take care to protect these parts from excessive heat.