Sportube Series 2 Ski Case Protective Travel Case for Two Pairs of

Dimensions – Series 2 Ski Case Has An Adjustable Internal Length Between 48”-83” (122-212Cm), Internal Width Of 11” (280Mm) And An Internal Depth Of 6” (152Mm), With The Case By Itself Weighing 12 Lbs..
Disclaimer – Each Series 2 Ski Case Is Made In The Usa W/ A 5-Year Limited Manufacturer’S Warranty. For Best Packing, The Padded Ends Need To Be Tight As Possible Against The Tips/Tails Of The Skis To Reduce Movement Within The Case & Risk Of Damage..
Travel Note – Whether Checking Sportube Series 2 At The Airport, Shipping It, Or Attaching To The Roof Of Your Car, Remove The Easy Pull Handle And Place It Inside Your Carry-On Luggage Or Elsewhere; Otherwise The Clip Could Be Damaged In Transport..
Durable Exterior & Internal Protection – Lockable Ski Case Has 100% Recycled Hdpe Shell, Ensuring Light Weight With High Durability. Each Case Has Internal Padding And Straps At Both Ends To Protect Against Movement And Shaking During Travel..


HOLDS YOUR GEAR Sportube Series 2 travel case can hold 2 pairs of Alpine skis & poles, or up to 4 pairs of Nordic/skate skis & poles. Each case has: Easy Pull Handle, connecting pin, roller wheels, 4 ski straps, and 4 rubber band brake retainers.DURABLE EXTERIOR & INTERNAL PROTECTION Lockable ski case has 100% recycled HDPE shell, ensuring light weight with high durability. Each case has internal padding and straps at both ends to protect against movement and shaking during travel.DIMENSIONS Series 2 ski case has an adjustable internal length between 48 -83 (122-212cm), internal width of 11 (280mm) and an internal depth of 6 (152mm), with the case by itself weighing 12 lbs.TRAVEL NOTE Whether checking Sportube Series 2 at the airport, shipping it, or attaching to the roof of your car, remove the Easy Pull Handle and place it inside your carry-on luggage or elsewhere; otherwise the clip could be damaged in transport.DISCLAIMER Each Series 2 ski case is Made in the USA w/ a 5-year limited manufacturer s warranty. For best packing, the padded ends need to be tight as possible against the tips/tails of the skis to reduce movement within the case & risk of damage.

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The SporTube Series 2 can carry two pairs of skis and poles, and anything else you can fit in there. The case’s plastic is light but durable, and the pull handle at the end and side handles make maneuvering the case super easy during travel. There is also internal straps …

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· Sportube Series 3 Platinum Ski & Snowboard Travel Case Review by Guest Writers · Published January 4, 2012 , 9:22 pm · Updated January 4, 2020 , 3:47 pm If you are anything like me, you spend hours, days, and weeks researching and comparing the latest products for all your favorite activities, as new gear is released each season.

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Then one day it struck me that I could probably fit two rifles and two pairs of skis in the same bag. I did some research and discovered the Sportube Series 3 Transport Case. The one caveat was that the box specs state that it fits skis a maximum of 183 cm long.

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· Just like the Sportube Original, except that this case is meant to protect 2 pair of alpine skis and poles and up to 4 pairs of cross country skis in the polyethylene hard-shell case. Like the Original, it will accommodate skis up to 210cm in length and offers the same level of protection.

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· Im leaning towards sportube series2 (x2) for our families 4 pairs of skis. One of the things about sportube is that besides air travel it also makes for a good car/suv rooftop box (if yu dont have a cargo box) vs an open ski rack with unprotected skis.

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· Our smallest, lightest case, the Series 1 is perfect to hold one person’s gear so you can travel light and efficient. Hard plastic shell protects your equipment whether traveling by plane, train, automobile or shipping via FedEx / UPS. Sportube cases are lightweight while being strong and durable.

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Ultimate in protection and travel convenience for all types of snowboards … Sportube Series 2 Double Ski Case. … The Sportube is extremely heavy at just under 7kgs and if you are thinking of taking 3 pairs of skis on a flight then you may well have problems with the 23kg maximum case weight imposed by so many airlines these days. For myself …Reviews: 242Sportube Series 3 Hard Travel Case with Wheels-Alpine ……Is protecting your gear important? You can make sure your equipment is well protected when traveling with this hard travel case from Sportube. Made of strong durable high density polyethylene plastic, it will keep your equipment secure and safe. The Series 3 case can accept up to 2 boards or 2 pair of skis. The tube is adjustable in length from 100cm to 185cm.

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Sportube Series 3 Transport Case. 5038-464. Available prices Clearance price $324.95. $324.95. Original price. Valid until: 4.5 out of 5 stars with 4 reviews …

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Simply the BEST way to transport your skis or anything else that will fit inside! Now your gear can travel first class. Designed by a team of industrial engineers and skiers, Sportube Series 1 hard travel case with wheels is a telescopic case to fit skis up to 205 cm in length. You can ship your gear using FedEx or UPS because the case is lockable to ensure the protection of your valuable gear.

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