Steam Buns & Bao: Large Bamboo Steamer from STUDIO HAPPi

Unearth the culinary traditions of Chinese cuisine with STUDIO HAPPi’s authentic large bamboo steamer. Whether it’s fluffy buns, delectable bao, or sumptuous dumplings, perfecting the art of steaming is essential for these delights.

Steaming, a vital cooking method in Chinese gastronomy, imparts moisture, retains the integrity of ingredients, and ensures a soft, pillowy texture. STUDIO HAPPi’s bamboo steamer offers both form and functionality. Made from natural bamboo, it promises durability and efficiency. The size is perfect for larger buns and dumplings, ensuring even cooking. Plus, bamboo’s porous nature aids in the distribution of steam, preventing sogginess.

Why choose bamboo? It’s not just about authenticity. Bamboo steamers have been part of Chinese kitchens for ages because they’re renewable, absorb excess moisture, and, crucially, they don’t impart any aftertaste, ensuring the genuine flavour of your dish shines through.

Q: What dishes can I prepare with the STUDIO HAPPi bamboo steamer?
A: Beyond buns and bao, you can steam dumplings, vegetables, and even some meats for a healthy and delicious meal.

Q: How do I maintain the bamboo steamer for longevity?
A: Post-use, wash it with mild detergent, rinse thoroughly, and let it air dry. Avoid soaking it for extended periods.

Q: Is bamboo better than metal or plastic steamers?
A: Bamboo is renewable, environmentally friendly, and imparts no aftertaste, unlike some metal or plastic counterparts. It also helps to absorb excess moisture, ensuring your food isn’t soggy.

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