Superior Butcher’s Twine: High Quality, Thick Cotton String from Choice Farms

Introducing Choice Farms’ Butcher’s Twine, a premium cooking string. Sourced from our farm, this twine offers unparalleled strength and thickness, ensuring optimal durability and reliability. The unbleached cotton material signifies our commitment to natural, quality products.

With a thickness of a remarkable inch mm, this Twisted Extra Strong Butcher’s Twine is an essential accessory for any kitchen. Crafted from unbleached cotton, the twine presents a natural, rustic appeal.

Being extra strong, this twine stands out in the market for its durability. It handles all types of meat securely, whether you’re trussing a chicken, securing a roast, or tying a bundle of herbs.

The Choice Farms’ Butcher’s Twine is more than just a simple string; it’s a reliable tool that enhances your cooking experience. With feet of twine at your disposal, you will find it incredibly useful and indispensable in the kitchen.

Moreover, the thickness of this twine guarantees its robustness, providing a firm grip on the food, thus, facilitating easier and efficient cooking. The strong, twisted strands offer enhanced strength that does not compromise on the natural aesthetic.

Q: What material is Choice Farms’ Butcher’s Twine made from?
A: It’s made from high-quality, unbleached cotton.

Q: How thick is the twine?
A: The twine is remarkably thick at an inch mm.

Q: Can this twine handle heavy-duty tasks?
A: Absolutely! The twine’s extra-strong, twisted strands ensure durability, capable of handling all kinds of tasks in the kitchen.

Q: How long is the twine?
A: There are feet of twine, providing ample length for various cooking tasks.

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