Tolco – 3102 5 Gallon Plastic Dispenser Carboy with Spigot, HDPE, Na

Designed To Be Stored And Filled While Placed In Tolco Space Station Rack System To Save Valuable Floor Space.
Compatible With Most Cleaning Solutions.
Storing And Dispensing Pre-Mixed Cleaning Chemicals Or Chemical Concentrates.
Heavy-Duty Faucet Assembly Is Leak Free.


Large fill opening allows full fill in vertical or horizontal positionHeavy-duty faucet assembly is leak freeDesigned to be stored and filled while placed in Tolco Space Station rack system to save valuable floor spaceStoring and dispensing pre-mixed cleaning chemicals or chemical concentratesCompatible with most cleaning solutions

Tolco Heavy-Duty HDPE Plastic Dispenser Carboy with 7/16 …

Tolco 5 Gallon Plastic Dispenser Carboy with Spigot, HDPE, Natural 38 mm opening for filling in either the vertical or horizontal position. No-leak faucet can be positioned independently al position. No-leak faucet can be positioned independently of its screw cap. Smaller faucet extension permits easy filling of small-neck containers.

Tolco Corporation

Tolco Corporation is so much more than just trigger sprayers! After spending over 55 years developing the most innovative and high quality trigger sprayers in the industry, it is easy to see why Tolco is synonymous with trigger sprayers. However, Tolco also sells over 500 products to the Janitorial, Foodservice, Industrial, Beauty & Barber …

5L HDPE carboy for liquid storage with spigot and 83mm cap

Flat shaped heavy-duty polypro carboy with spigot and easy-open/close cap. Lab Consumables . All Lab Consumables; Agarose . … (No reviews yet) SKU: CRBY-HDP5LSPG Weight: 15.00 LBS Shipping: … (2.5 Gal) HDPE Carboy with 83mm Cap and Spigot. CRBY-HDP10LSPG. $120.00. Add to Cart. Customers Also Viewed.

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Tolco 2.5 Gallon Plastic Dispenser Carboy with Spigot, HDPE, Natural Buy on Amazon Jero Professional 10″ Blade Butcher Knife – Meat Cleaver – German Stainless Steel (Copy)

Lab Carboys –

A carboy is a large container that typically holds between 5 ounces and 6 gallons, and is used to mix, store and hold liquid and other substances in laboratory and education applications. Carboys may have an outlet at the base of the body that can be controlled with a molded or attachable spigot, and often work with flexible tubing.

TOUGH GUY 180160 Container,Dispenser,HDPE,5g –

Durable Vented Faucet Container, 5 gal, HDPE, Carboy/Jerrican/Jug Handle Style Blow Molded, Translucent, Autoclavable No, Carboy/Jerrican/Jug Item Jug, White, Labware Closure Material Polypropylene, Labware Width – Metric 0.23495 mm. Features. Labware Nominal Capacity – English: 5 gal; Labware Nominal Capacity – Metric: 18.93 L; Color: Translucent

5L carboy for storing laboratory liquids – Stellar Scientific

The carboys in this section are 5L (1 gallon) in volume and come with a 83mm easy to open cap. There are dozens of optional cap choices depending on how you will use your carboy. Please visit the carboy cap page to see those. Read More Compare. Sort By:

2 PACK 7.9 Gallon (30 L) Plastic Homebrew Fermenter …

This is a set of 2 7.9 gallon plastic fermenters complete with lids, 3 piece airlocks, and spigots. These buckets are made from Polypropylene and are ideal for all types of fermentations, especially beers with high krausen. Kit Includes: (2) 7.9 gallon plastic bucket. (2) Plastic lid with hole and grommet.

Noble Chemical 2.5 Gallon Plastic Dispensing Container

Noble Chemical 5 Gallon Plastic Dispensing Container