TRIOCOTTAGE Auto-Turning Incubator: Quail & Chicken Eggs with Water Candle

Introducing the TRIOCOTTAGE incubator, an advanced solution for hatching quail and chicken eggs. Its unique water candle feature ensures optimum moisture, paired with an auto-turning function, paving the way for effective incubation.

When it comes to incubating quail and chicken eggs, the environment plays a critical role in ensuring a successful hatch. TRIOCOTTAGE’s state-of-the-art incubator offers a tailored environment that optimises conditions for these delicate eggs.

A standout feature, the water candle system, maintains the ideal humidity level. By steadily releasing moisture, it simulates the natural conditions required for the eggs. Moreover, turning eggs is crucial to prevent the embryo from sticking to the shell’s side, a process that is automated in this incubator, eliminating manual handling and ensuring an even distribution of warmth.

For those passionate about poultry or looking to streamline the hatching process, TRIOCOTTAGE’s incubator is an unmatched companion, combining modern tech with the intricacies of nature.

Q: Can this incubator be used for both quail and chicken eggs?
A: Absolutely, the TRIOCOTTAGE incubator caters to both quail and chicken eggs, ensuring the right environment for both types.

Q: How does the water candle feature work?
A: The water candle system releases moisture steadily, maintaining the ideal humidity level, simulating the natural conditions eggs need.

Q: Is manual turning of the eggs necessary?
A: No, the incubator has an auto-turning function that turns the eggs, ensuring even warmth distribution and preventing the embryo from sticking to the shell.