Turquoise BELANKO Whistling Kettle – OZ Litre, Food-Grade Stainless, Timber Handle

Discover the union of practicality and aesthetic appeal with the BELANKO Whistling Kettle. Its unique turquoise shade enhances your kitchen decor while its high-grade stainless steel construction guarantees durability. Perfect for any stove top, it offers efficient heating and a whistling feature to signal boiling point. The wood handle adds a classic touch to this contemporary kitchen must-have.
Experience the perfect harmony of functionality and style with the BELANKO Whistling Kettle. Crafted from top-notch stainless steel, this kitchen essential stands up to regular use while offering a chic touch with its turquoise hue. Suited to all stove tops, the kettle ensures swift heat transfer and a convenient whistle to notify when the water reaches boiling point. The wooden handle provides not just aesthetic appeal but also a comfortable grip and protection from the heat.

Whether it’s for a warm cuppa, cooking, or other hot water needs, the BELANKO kettle comes to your aid. The OZ litre capacity meets family-sized requirements, making it an indispensable part of your kitchen. Experience the blend of design and utility in the BELANKO Whistling Kettle.

Q: Can I use this kettle on any stove top?
A: Absolutely, the BELANKO Whistling Kettle is suitable for all stove tops.

Q: Is the handle safe to touch when the kettle is hot?
A: Yes, the kettle’s wooden handle is designed to stay cool, ensuring safety while pouring.

Q: Does the kettle truly whistle when water boils?
A: Indeed, the kettle is designed with a whistling feature that signals when your water reaches boiling point.

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Q: Is the kettle’s colour as vibrant as it appears in the picture?
A: Yes, the kettle comes in a unique turquoise shade, which adds a pop of colour to your kitchen.

Q: How many litres does the kettle hold?
A: The kettle has an OZ litre capacity, ideal for meeting a variety of hot water needs.