Understanding Proper Nutrition and Feeding Guidelines for Your Dog

Transitioning your dog to a new diet requires a cautious approach. It’s recommended to mix 25% of the new food with 75% of the current kibble for the initial three days. This gradual introduction helps monitor your dog’s reaction, including any bowel movement irregularities, gas, or reflux, indicating digestive issues.

Understanding Proper Nutrition and Feeding Guidelines for Your Dog

Our offerings include a variety of dog foods such as dry food, wet food, chew snacks, food supplements, and special food, along with food bowls. The AVA line caters to designer and pure breed dogs, providing tailored nutrition for each breed. For 2023, Lily’s Kitchen Complete Nutrition is deemed the best dry dog food.

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Concerns about overfeeding are common among pet owners. For instance, a male adult pug should ideally weigh around 9kg. If your 9-month-old pug already weighs this much, it might be a sign of overfeeding. Harrington’s grain-free dog food is beneficial for dogs of all sizes. Portion sizes vary by breed: toy breeds need about ¼ to 1 cup, small breeds 1 to 1 2/5 cups, medium breeds 2 to 2 2/3 cups, and large breeds 2 4/5 to 3 cups.

Wainwrights grain-free dry dog food, rich in meat content, offers a balanced diet. We have options for mature dogs, puppies, joint support, working dogs, and more. Our range includes brands like Royal Canin, Hills Science Plan, Harringtons, and K9 Optimum. However, some dogs might react negatively to certain foods, as seen in cases where training treats cause digestive issues like gas and diarrhea.

Wainwrights offers a complete and balanced adult dry food pack with salmon, suitable for dogs aged 1-7 years. It’s nutritious, delicious, easily digested, and hypo-allergenic. When choosing dog food, consider whether it’s natural (free from artificial additives) and hypoallergenic (free from common allergens like wheat). It’s crucial to tailor your dog’s diet to their specific needs, activity levels, and health conditions.

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