Understanding the Pros and Cons of Slow Cooker & Pot Liners for 7-8 Quart Crockpots

The Slow Cooker & Pot Liners designed to fit 7 – 8 quart crockpots measure 13” x 21” x 4” inches, with a 4” gusset bottom. These extra-large pot liners, available in a 20-pack, offer various benefits and drawbacks based on customer experiences.

Many users appreciate how these liners reduce cleaning time, highlighting their convenience for crockpot cooking. However, some note that the liners are prone to leaking, a downside to consider. Despite this, the ease of cleanup remains a strong selling point.

The durability of these liners is a mixed bag. While they are praised for being easy to use and suitable for large oval crockpots, their tendency to tear easily is a notable drawback. Users advise caution, especially when using silicone utensils, to avoid ripping the liners.

A significant issue arises when these liners are used for high-temperature cooking. Several customers reported that the liners melted during high-temp cooking, resulting in ruined dishes and damaged crockpots. This limitation suggests that they may not be ideal for all cooking needs.

Despite these challenges, the liners are still favored for their size, fitting large oval crockpots well. The pleated bottom design allows for expansion, accommodating various pot sizes. However, customers with wide pots should be cautious, as these liners are better suited for taller, not wider, crockpots.

Lastly, while some users have shared these liners with family members, experiences vary. Instances of melting and holes developing during cooking have led to disappointment, especially when used in new crockpots.

In summary, the Slow Cooker & Pot Liners offer convenience in cleaning and fit large crockpots well, but they may not be suitable for high-temperature cooking and can be prone to tearing and melting.

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Slow Cooker & Pot Liners Fits 7 - 8 Quarts Extra Large Pot Liners

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