Understanding the Zojirushi EL-CAC60XZ Multicooker: Pros, Cons, and User Experiences

The Zojirushi EL-CAC60XZ Multicooker Brushed Stainless has garnered attention for its performance and quality. Users have reported that rice cooked in this multicooker tastes significantly better than when cooked on the stove, even by skilled rice makers. It’s also praised for its versatility in cooking various dishes.

Pros of this multicooker include its high-quality build, sturdy construction, and a stainless steel pot. The packaging is also noted for its excellence. However, there are some downsides. Its large and heavy design, with protruding handles, can make it cumbersome to store and handle. Adjusting water quantity for cooking rice can be a trial-and-error process, as the markings don’t always yield perfect results, especially for brown rice. Additionally, the yogurt setting lacks temperature and time adjustments, which can be limiting.

Comparisons with other products like the Breville slow cooker highlight the Zojirushi’s lower temperature settings, which can be advantageous for certain cooking styles, like low and slow cooking. Its versatility extends to slow cooking with four temperature settings, steaming, making homemade yogurt, and even browning meat before slow cooking.

However, a significant drawback is its underpowered nature. At 1350 watts, it struggles with tasks like fully steaming vegetables. This is a surprising oversight given its otherwise robust construction.

Another point to note is its suitability for larger families, as the minimum rice cooking quantity starts at three cups. This might not be ideal for smaller households or those who cook rice in smaller quantities.

Despite some of these issues, the Zojirushi EL-CAC60XZ Multicooker is considered a powerful appliance. It’s compared favorably to high-end slow cookers costing upwards of $700. Its ease of use, ease of cleaning, and handle design are particularly appreciated. However, some users may dislike that it is made in China.

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In terms of temperature control, it outshines typical crockpots by preventing boil-overs and mushy meals. The top counter rest feature is also a convenient addition for mid-cook ingredient additions.

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