Universal White Replacement Lid Knob Pack for Pots and Pans

When pots or pans wear out, often it’s just the handles or knobs that need a refresh. Our universal lid knob pack ensures that your cookware remains functional and stylish. Suited to various lids, these white replacement knobs are a must-have in every kitchen.
Maintaining your kitchen equipment can often be a simple task of replacing worn-out parts rather than buying brand new items. Pan and pot lids especially are susceptible to wear, primarily their handles or knobs. With this universal white replacement lid knob pack, you’re ensuring a long life for your favourite cooking items. These knobs not only bring functionality but also add a touch of elegance with their clean, white finish. Suitable for a range of cookware, they’re essential for those who value sustainability and practicality in the kitchen.

Q: Are these knobs compatible with all types of pots and pans?
A: These knobs are designed to be universal, fitting a broad range of pots and pans. However, always check the specifications to ensure a proper fit.

Q: What material are the knobs made of?
A: The knobs are crafted from high-quality, durable materials that withstand regular kitchen use.

Q: Can these knobs withstand high temperatures?
A: Yes, these replacement knobs are designed to endure typical cooking temperatures, ensuring safety and durability.

Q: How many knobs come in one pack?
A: The pack contains multiple knobs to suit various needs. Check product details for exact quantities.