Updated Tumbler Oz Design with Splash-Proof RTIC Lid

Discover the innovation behind the updated Tumbler oz design featuring a resistant, splash-proof RTIC lid. Dive into its unique attributes and the changes that make it stand out.

Tumbler cups have always been an essential accessory for many. They keep our drinks safe and at the right temperature. The new design of the Tumbler oz aims to elevate your drinking experience. At the core of this update is the splash-proof RTIC lid.

This resistant lid ensures you don’t have to worry about accidental spills, making it perfect for on-the-go lifestyles. Whether you’re juggling tasks at work or out for a leisurely stroll, the splash-proof feature offers peace of mind.

The RTIC lid isn’t just about being splash-proof; it’s also designed for ease of use. The reimagined design ensures a secure fit on the tumbler while allowing for smooth sips without the hassle.

By coupling functionality with stylish design, the Tumbler oz with the RTIC lid becomes more than just a drink accessory; it’s a statement of finesse and utility.

Q: What’s new about the Tumbler oz design?
A: The Tumbler oz now features a splash-proof and resistant RTIC lid, ensuring no spills and a better drinking experience.

Q: Is the RTIC lid difficult to remove or replace?
A: No, the design ensures a secure fit while allowing for ease of use, making lid removal and replacement straightforward.

Q: Can I use the new RTIC lid with older Tumbler oz models?
A: The new design is made to fit the updated Tumbler oz perfectly. Compatibility with older models might vary.

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