Upgraded PlasticGrey Microwave Cover: Vented, Collapsible Silicone Lid

Discover the PlasticGrey Microwave Cover – a kitchen essential crafted with modern upgrades. This silicone plate lid not only safeguards against splatters but is also vented and collapsible for optimal storage. The unique design allows it to be hung, keeping your kitchen neat and tidy.
Transform your microwave cooking with the PlasticGrey Microwave Cover. Made of premium silicone, it serves to prevent messy splatters, ensuring your microwave remains clean. The vented design allows steam to escape, ensuring your food heats evenly without becoming soggy. Its collapsible feature means it demands minimal storage space. And the added hook? That ensures you can hang it, maintaining an organised kitchen space.

Q: Can the PlasticGrey Microwave Cover be used with various plate sizes?
A: Absolutely, its flexible silicone design accommodates a range of plate sizes.

Q: Does the vented design affect cooking times?
A: No, the vents simply allow steam to escape, which promotes even heating but doesn’t alter cooking times.

Q: How do I clean the cover after use?
A: It’s easy! Simply rinse with warm soapy water or place it in the dishwasher.