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USA PC Cup Edamame Cadet Blue Plastic Storage - Fuchsia Meyer Yellow Green Lids - Microwave Recipes

USA PC Cup Edamame Cadet Blue Plastic Storage – Fuchsia Meyer Yellow Green Lids

Explore the vibrant range of USA PC Cups featuring Edamame Cadet Blue plastic with Fuchsia Meyer Yellow Green lids. These reliable storage solutions bring convenience to your kitchen, allowing you to keep food fresh without hassle.
Known for its quality and versatility, the USA PC Cup collection offers various options to meet your food storage needs. The Edamame Cadet Blue plastic design enhances durability, while the Fuchsia Meyer Yellow Green lids seal freshness in.

Fuchsia Meyer Yellow Green Lids: The colourful lids make it easy to match containers with their corresponding tops.
Edamame Cadet Blue Plastic: Crafted from sturdy plastic material, these containers are meant to last.
Versatility: Suitable for storing different types of food, from fruits and vegetables to cooked meals.
Easy to Clean: Simply toss them in the dishwasher and they come out sparkling clean.
Microwave Safe: Warm up your meals without removing them from the container.

Find the perfect storage solution with these convenient, attractive containers that fit seamlessly into modern kitchen decor.

Q: Are these containers safe for use in the freezer?
A: Yes, the USA PC Cup Edamame Cadet Blue plastic containers are freezer safe.

Q: What sizes are available in this range?
A: Various sizes are available to suit all your storage needs, from small to large.

Q: Can I purchase the lids separately?
A: Unfortunately, the lids are not sold separately but come with the containers.

Q: Are they BPA-free?
A: Yes, these containers are BPA-free, ensuring safety for you and your family.

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