What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of the 7 Qt Slow Cooker Divider Silicone Liners?

If you’re someone who’s always on the move and despises the hassle of scrubbing your crockpot, the Slow Cooker Divider Silicone Liners might just be a game-changer for you. These 7 Qt liners are not only compatible with slow cookers but also facilitate cooking two distinct dishes simultaneously. They’re a boon for those evenings when you crave an effortless dinner. For instance, I once prepared a beef stew. I have a penchant for corn in mine, but unfortunately, my spouse can’t consume corn. These liners were a godsend for such situations, ensuring both of us were satisfied.

However, like every product, it has its set of drawbacks. A notable one being its initial pungent odor, necessitating airing and washing before its maiden use. Moreover, these liners can be a tad too floppy. When placed in the dishwasher, they often tend to collapse, flip, or even fill with water post the cleaning cycle. An internal framework would’ve been beneficial to retain its shape. Despite these minor hitches, the liners are effective.

Cleaning up has never been more straightforward, thanks to these liners. It’s a relief, especially when your cooker starts showing signs of wear, with tiny non-stick surface flecks becoming visible. Even if I upgrade to a new cooker, these liners will remain a staple in my kitchen. After all, you can never predict when someone might inadvertently use a metal spoon and scrape off the non-stick layer.

I was so impressed with its utility that I even gifted one to my son for Christmas. He’s the culinary expert in his household. On days when a lavish meal isn’t on the cards, but two varied dishes in a slow cooker are required, these liners are impeccable. Furthermore, they fit seamlessly in my Hamilton Beach crockpot, barring the minor glitch of the silicone’s lift tabs protruding slightly higher. This causes the lid to crumple the silicone a tad. But it’s a trivial issue since the lid still snugly fits.

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The true advantage? You can whip up two diverse dishes using a single crock pot, especially handy for family gatherings. Plus, there’s no more dreading the cleanup post the feast. If you’re intrigued, you can check out these liners on Amazon here: Slow Cooker Divider Silicone Liners (ad).

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of the 7 Qt Slow Cooker Divider Silicone Liners?