What Do Users Think About PanSaver Roasting Bag for Oven Cooking?

The PanSaver Roasting Bag is a product designed for oven cooking, specifically for preparing turkeys. These cooking bags, measuring 19 x 23.5 inches, come in a 2-count pack. They are made of durable nylon and are known to help keep food moist, ensuring easy cleanup. Here’s a closer look at what users have to say:

Many users have found the PanSaver Roasting Bag to be effective. One user mentioned that the bag delivers a fantastic turkey. They shared a recipe where they first coat the inside of the bag with flour. The turkey is then rubbed with melted butter and sprinkled with dry Italian seasoning dressing combined with dry onion soup. After placing the turkey in the bag, they make a couple of slits for expansion, tie the bag’s end, and cook as directed. This particular user cooked a 14 lb turkey at 325 degrees for 4.5 hours and was pleased with the results.

However, some users faced challenges with the product. One individual mentioned that although the turkey turned out moist and brown, extracting the juices from the bag to make gravy was a tough task. This was especially the case if one didn’t use a turkey holder for their pan.

Another user had a different experience, advising potential buyers to be cautious. They claimed to have received only one bag instead of two and experienced the bag melting in the oven after just 10 minutes at 325 degrees. This incident led to concerns about plastic sticking to their turkey.

On the brighter side, a catering company with two decades of experience in the industry praised the PanSaver Roasting Bag. They found it to be an efficient solution for dishes that typically require tedious cleanup. According to them, it’s a cost-effective alternative to similar oven bags available in grocery stores. They specifically recommended it for any deep pitted meat or oven-prepared turkey, emphasizing its ability to retain moisture and enhance flavor.

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Other feedback highlighted the product’s suitability for slow cooker or oven cooking, emphasizing the ease of cleanup. Many appreciate the moist and tasty outcome for both the turkey and stuffing, with no messy pans to deal with afterward. A user pointed out the bag’s capacity, noting that it could accommodate a 28# turkey, though without much extra room.

In conclusion, if you’re someone who loves to cook but dreads the cleaning process, you might want to consider the PanSaver Roasting Bag. Its promise of a browned, moist turkey coupled with easy cleanup makes it appealing to many.

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What Do Users Think About PanSaver Roasting Bag for Oven Cooking?