What Do Users Think About the FROVEN Slow Cooker Divider 4 QT Silicone Crock Pot Liner?

The FROVEN Slow Cooker Divider 4 QT is a silicone Crock Pot liner that’s compatible with all 4-quart cookers. Designed in an oval shape, it promises to be leakproof and dishwasher safe, making it a valuable accessory for your CrockPot.

Many users have shared their experiences with this product. Most find it incredibly useful, highlighting its snug fit in the CrockPot and ease of cleaning. One user stated, “I have been using this for a few weeks now and so far have not seen any issues. It’s super easy to clean and keeps you from cleaning the entire cooker.” The liner seems to serve its purpose well, as it keeps the cooker clean and reduces the hassle of washing after use.

Another user mentioned its efficiency during parties, saying, “I love these things! They’re great when you need to keep things warm and you have more than one thing to serve. They’re easy to clean, so cleaning up after parties is an absolute breeze.” The consensus is that while some haven’t used it for cooking, it works exceptionally well on the keep-warm function.

However, no product is without its flaws. A few users expressed their concerns about the lingering smell of food in the silicone even after washing. Another user pointed out that it’s a loose fit in their cooker. Yet, the overall feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Many recommend the product for its functionality and ease of use. One such testimonial reads, “Easy to clean and makes life so much better! Do not hesitate; buy it. This thing is really worth it.”

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Furthermore, the sellers have been commended for their prompt shipping, with a user noting, “Sellers were great and shipped it on time! Definitely recommend.”

For those interested in purchasing this accessory, you can find it on Amazon (ad). It’s an excellent addition to your kitchen, especially if you’re a fan of slow cooking.

What Do Users Think About the FROVEN Slow Cooker Divider 4 QT Silicone Crock Pot Liner?