What Makes Gordon’s Gin Unique?

Gordon’s Gin boasts a rich history, with its pink gin recipe originating from the 1800s. This distinct taste stems from handpicked juniper berries and other select botanicals. Furthermore, Gordon’s Sloe Gin, made from the finest sloe berries and immersed in the world’s top gin, offers a taste that’s both dry and fruity.

Britain’s favorite gin has set the pace in the gin trend with the introduction of the delightful Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin. This gin liqueur is a harmonious blend of the botanicals found in Asda’s award-winning own-brand gin and intricate flavors like grapefruit and elderflower. Additionally, its pastel shade is just one of the many captivating hues that span Asda’s gin liqueur collection. To make a delightful cocktail, mix the sloe gin with lemon juice and simple syrup in a shaker filled with ice.

Gordon’s Gin is a force in the gin world, producing millions of bottles annually and distributing to over 150 countries. Their historical slogan from the 1970s encapsulates their legacy. When using top-notch gin, like our recommended London Dry Gin, ensure it fills the jar to the brim. However, it’s worth noting that the European Union mandates sloe gin to have a minimum of 25% ABV to be labeled as such. Although the sloe berry sweetness and juniper gin flavors could be better intertwined, the overall flavor profile is pleasant.

A notable milestone for Gordon’s was their significant order in the early 1900s destined for Australia. For berry-infused gins, such as sloe gin, strawberry gin, or raspberry gin, pairing with lemonade zest or ginger beer can offer a contrasting taste to the sweet berry notes. On another note, the Gordon’s Gin canned Gin and Tonics come with a 5% (10 Proof) alcohol content. What Makes Gordon

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For those interested in exploring the world of gin, especially the unique flavors of Gordon’s Gin (ad), numerous options await your discovery.