What Makes Jägermeister a Unique Herbal Liqueur?

Jägermeister is a distinct herbal liqueur, crafted in the lower Saxony region of Wolfenbüttel, Germany. This German-made stomach bitter is a blend of 56 different herbs, flowers, roots, and fruits from around the globe, resulting in its unique and characteristic flavor. “JÄGERMEISTER COLD BREW COFFEE” marries the rich flavors of slowly cold brewed Arabica coffee with the original Jägermeister’s 56 botanicals for a perfect fusion.

Enjoying Jägermeister can be a varied experience; a 25ml shot can be perfectly paired with ginger beer to create a refreshing long drink – a Jager Mule. Known for its complex blend of ingredients, including citrus peel, licorice, anise, poppy seeds, saffron, ginger, juniper berries, and ginseng, this herbal liqueur contains approximately 35% alcohol by volume. Each ingredient contributes to the unique taste of Jägermeister from Wolfenbüttel, Germany.

As the most successful liqueur brand worldwide, Jägermeister has made a name for itself, ranking seventh in the Impact International list of international premium spirits. “Jagermeister Manifest” boasts a slightly higher alcohol content at 38% ABV and is presented in a 1 Liter bottle, ideal for a chilled shot at 6-8°C or incorporated into classic cocktails like a Negroni.

The luxurious and full-bodied flavor of JAGERMEISTER is the result of meticulously chosen ingredients, such as licorice, anise, ginger root, lavender petals, and more. The brand’s inception can be traced back to the inventive Curt, who inherited a vinegar factory but decided to radically change the company’s direction by creating Jägermeister, which eventually became a festive drink popular among hunters.

To maintain the integrity of its flavors, it is recommended to store Jägermeister at freezer temperatures of -18°C or, at a minimum, between -15 to -18°C.

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