What Should You Know About the 6 QT Silicone Slow Cooker Liner for Oval Cookers?

The 6 QT Silicone Slow Cooker Liner is designed to fit 6 QT oval slow cookers, and it’s reusable, leakproof, and dishwasher safe. This grey liner, suitable for 6-7 quart crock pots, could be an excellent time saver for those who frequently make infused oils or other slow-cooked dishes. Despite not being a perfect fit for all models, it minimizes cleaning efforts by preventing crust formation. The packaging may be misleading, depicting dividers instead of full liners, which has caused confusion among customers. Moreover, the liners should be boiled before first use to remove wrinkles and they should not be overfilled to avoid spills. There is a discrepancy in size for some users, with a 5qt crockpot showing a small gap. Cleaning is straightforward, although oil may adhere to the silicone, and hand washing is recommended over the dishwasher for best results. Additionally, these liners can be useful for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously, offering versatility despite the initial misunderstanding of the product description.

6 QT Silicone Slow Cooker Liner

Silicone Slow Cooker Liner (ad)

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