Whistling Borosilicate Glass Kettle – BPA Free, Stove Top Compatible, Medelco’s BREW CAF COLLECTION

Borosilicate glass kettle by Medelco delivers unique touch to your kitchen. Ideal for stove top use, and signature in the BREW CAF COLLECTION. Kettle offers a free BPA design, ensuring health in your beverages. Comes equipped with a melodious whistling feature, adding to its charm.
Medelco’s commitment to top quality resonates in this remarkable borosilicate glass kettle. This stove top friendly kettle is a signature part of the BREW CAF COLLECTION, promising to elevate your brewing experience. Crafted with meticulous attention, the kettle flaunts a free BPA design, ensuring the safety and purity of your beverages. What sets this kettle apart is its distinctive whistling top – a delightful attribute that brings a sense of joy each time your drink reaches the desired temperature. An embodiment of perfect harmony between aesthetics and functionality, Medelco’s borosilicate glass kettle is a must-have for every tea or coffee enthusiast.

Q: Is this kettle compatible with all stove tops?
A: Yes, this borosilicate glass kettle by Medelco is suitable for all stove tops.

Q: Does the kettle have a BPA free design?
A: Absolutely, the kettle features a free BPA design, emphasizing health and safety of your drinks.

Q: What is the whistling top?
A: The whistling top is a unique feature of this kettle. It emits a delightful sound when your drink has reached the desired temperature.

Q: Is this kettle part of a collection?
A: Yes, it is a signature piece of Medelco’s BREW CAF COLLECTION.

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