Why is BlendJet 2 the Ultimate Portable Blender?

BlendJet offers a versatile range of plant-based recipes, from savory dressings to sweet desserts. With the portable BlendJet, you can master the art of the summer milkshake through thick, frosty recipes crafted with ease. As an ambassador for health and fitness, Jen travels globally, inspiring her vast fanbase with her BlendJet by her side.

For those in the United States, expect your orders to be delivered typically within 2 business days, while international orders might take between 6-9 business days or possibly longer. BlendJet’s significant online presence is evident with over 650k followers on Instagram alone. The brand has also been spotlighted in notable platforms like Essence, Cosmopolitan, Ellen, and Good House Keeping, among others.

The BlendJet 2 (ad) stands out with its stylish yet straightforward design, making it suitable for various settings – be it for a health boost at work, a refresher at the gym, or a nutritious touch to a school lunch. A quick recipe tip: Add hot water, cane sugar, and instant coffee to your BlendJet and blend for a couple of cycles until you achieve a fluffy consistency. Or, mix hot water, cane sugar, instant coffee, oat milk, and ice cubes for a light and airy beverage.

Enhancing the original, the BlendJet 2 offers more advanced features. For instance, after your blending session, you can quickly whip up a tasty guacamole by adding an avocado. With its power and portability, the USB-Rechargeable BlendJet 2 stands as the world’s most handy next-generation electric blender, available in 14 vibrant colors. Crafting a post-workout smoothie is straightforward; load up your BlendJet with the ingredients and blend for 1-2 cycles.

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Why is BlendJet 2 the Ultimate Portable Blender?

Furthermore, BlendJet 2 comes with three speed settings and a pulse function, ensuring the ideal texture every time. The brand is dedicated to offering a user-friendly and accessible website for all. It’s noteworthy to mention that any reimbursement from BlendJet, including road fees or taxes, may impact the total refund amount for orders.