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Wooden Count Mini Hex Glass Honey Jars with Bee Charms, Gold - Microwave Recipes

Wooden Count Mini Hex Glass Honey Jars with Bee Charms, Gold

For honey enthusiasts, parties, or gifts, choosing the right containers is crucial. Discover mini hexagonal glass honey jars adorned with wooden dippers, bee charms, and gold accents. Ideal for a rustic touch and practical use, these jars represent the blend of elegance and function.
Nothing matches the appeal of honey like a beautifully designed container. Mini hexagonal glass honey jars paired with wooden dippers present a striking design perfect for various occasions.

Quality: Crafted with attention to detail, the jars provide an ideal solution for storing honey or gifting.
Design: Featuring bee charms and gold finishes, the jars infuse a touch of luxury into everyday use.
Versatility: Whether for parties or personal enjoyment, these jars are a fantastic addition to any kitchen.
Eco-Friendly: The wooden dippers and natural accents echo a commitment to sustainable practices.

Embrace the charm of these jars, and bring home a piece of functional artistry.

Q: What are the dimensions of the jars?
A: The mini hexagonal glass honey jars hold around an oz of honey.

Q: Can I customise the bee charms?
A: Yes, there are options to choose different designs for the bee charms.

Q: Are the wooden dippers sturdy?
A: The dippers are crafted with solid wood, ensuring durability and practical use.

Q: Where can I purchase these jars?
A: You can find these beautiful honey jars at various online and physical stores.

Your choice in honey jars reflects your taste and values. Make an impression with these unique, eco-friendly options.

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