Woopoo Metal Recipe Holder 2 Weighted Chains to Hold Pages in Place

&#8722Easy Assembly: Simple Design Makes Aassembly An Easy Job. Tools And Instructions Included.
Quick And Easy Set Up: All Hardware And Instruction Are Provided. The Assembly Instructions Are Very Easy To Follow And No Need For Any Special Tools To Use..
&#8722Character And Aesthetic Appeal To Living Space With This Vintage Industrial Style Bookshelf..
&#8722Bookcase Overall Dimensions: 70.0”H X 47.3”W X 12.7”D Inches. Height Between Shelves: 13.7-Inch..


&#8722 Provide Ample Storage Space for Keeping Your Ornaments or Kitchenware in Tidy Condition.&#8722Bookcase Overall Dimensions: 70.0 H x 47.3 W x 12.7 D Inches. Height between Shelves: 13.7-inch.&#8722Easy Assembly: Simple Design Makes Aassembly an Easy Job. Tools and Instructions included&#8722Character and Aesthetic Appeal to Living Space with This Vintage Industrial Style Bookshelf.Quick and easy set up: All hardware and instruction are provided. The assembly instructions are very easy to follow and no need for any special tools to use.