WOTOY 250 Pieces 2x1mm Multi-Use DIY Personalized Refrigerators Magn

Say Goodbye To Scratches And Clutter As They Are Past And Hello To Your New Tabletops Robust, Long-Lasting, Stainless Steel, Corrosion Resistant Magnets Made From Brushed Nickle Silver Satin Material..
Also Suitiable For Tools.
Disc Magnet Shape, Machined Silver Steel Finish. Durable Lasting Shine, Perfect For Refrigerator Magnets, Office Magnets, Whiteboard Magnet, Dry Erase Board Magnet..
250 Pieces Per Pack.


D 2mm x H 1mm250 pieces per packSay Goodbye to scratches and clutter as they are past and hello to your new tableTops Robust, long-lasting, stainless steel, corrosion resistant Magnets made from Brushed Nickle silver satin material.Disc magnet shape, machined silver steel finish. durable lasting shine, perfect for refrigerator magnets, office magnets, whiteboard magnet, dry erase board magnet.Also suitiable for tools