30 ft Ham/CB Times Microwave LMR-400 PL-259 Radio Antenna Coax Cable |


Cqc And Vde Certificated, Executed En61270-1 Standard,100% Compatible, Ensure Safe Enough. Key Remind: Capacitor With 3/16 In Terminals 2+2, Each Pole 2 Terminals, Size-3/16 *0.02 In(4.8*0.5Mm),1 Year Warranty. Embody One 10M Ohm Inside Capacitor, It Will Release High Voltage Through The Ressistance And Diode On Idle Time Or After Shutting Down Power, Ensure Safety.. Universal And Professional And Compatible Microwave High Voltage Capacitor For Ge Samsung Lg Media Hair Amana Kenmore Mayta And Whirlpool Microwave.


Production Name: Microwave Oven HV Capacitor,Module Type: Standard CH85,Withstand Voltage:2100 V 50/60Hz AC, Volume: 1.00 MFD uF,Tolerance: 3%, Connect Pin Size: 4.8×0.5mm/0.19×0.02in(3/16 in standard terminal)Universal and professional and compatible microwave high voltage capacitor for GE Samsung LG Media Hair Amana Kenmore Mayta and Whirlpool microwaveCQC and VDE certificated, executed EN61270-1 standard,100% compatible, ensure safe enoughEmbody one 10M ohm inside capacitor, it will release high voltage through the ressistance and diode on idle time or after shutting down power, ensure safety.Key Remind: Capacitor with 3/16 in terminals 2+2, each pole 2 terminals, size-3/16 *0.02 in(4.8*0.5mm),1 Year warranty

Are there any plans for a ham trailer?

1. Vintage Canned Ham Camper Trailer Plans Tear Drop 2. Vintage Canned Ham Camper Trailer Plans Tear Drop 3. Canned Ham Trailers Junebugflying 4. Old Canned Ham Vintage Aloha Trailer Outside Framing 5.

Where can I find ham radio classified ads?

The QTH.com Ham Radio Classified Adswebsite is Created and Maintained by Scott Neader, KA9FOX. 34.9660 ms (0.0350 secs) Uh oh! It looks like you’re using an ad blocker. Banner Advertising, along with Donations, keeps the QTH.com Classifieds free to use for everyone.

Where can I listen to ham radio for free?

Over 400 websites allow you to listen to ham radio online. There are two main "flavors" of technology offering this free service. WebSDR with its rudimentary user interface (UI) allows over a hundred listeners simultaneously. This means that their receiver-server can almost always accommodate an additional listener.