Enhance Your Home Beer Experience with Philips PerfectDraft and BLADE Kegs

With the growing interest in home beer dispensing systems, we’ve expanded our range of kegs and beer cases, welcoming many new enthusiasts to the beer-loving community. The Philips PerfectDraft Beer Keg Machine (HD3720/25) is a standout choice, boasting a 6L keg capacity, 70W power, and an intuitive LCD Display. It’s a comprehensive home beer draft system that brings the pub experience right into your living room.

Philips PerfectDraft Beer Keg Machine

Choosing the right keg for your dispenser is crucial for the best experience. We offer a variety of keg types, including SUB kegs, Draught Kegs, BLADE Kegs, and pre-packed beer boxes or Value Cases. The BLADE Strongbow Dark Fruit Starter Pack is an excellent choice for beginners, providing everything needed to pour your first pints at home.

Philips PerfectDraft Beer Keg Machine (ad)

The Philips PerfectDraft system is designed for convenience and quality, cooling beer to the perfect temperature and keeping it fresh. Blade Kegs, specifically designed for the Blade Beer Machine, hold 8L of beer and maintain optimal coolness. Our range includes beers like Birra Moretti, known for its corn and acacia honey notes, and Desperados, a unique blend of tequila and beer flavors.

For those who appreciate craft beers, the convenience of having craft kegs delivered to your doorstep is a game-changer. Our Blade countertop draught system is easy to use and maintain, with no additional hardware required. It’s an ideal choice for small gatherings or as an addition to any bar, especially for serving non-alcoholic beer options.

The Blade and SUB systems offer a wide selection of kegs, including lager, cider, blonde beer, and wheat beer from renowned brands. These systems are designed for versatility, ensuring each pour is at the optimum temperature and freshness. Whether you’re hosting a party or simply enjoying a quiet evening at home, these beer dispensing systems elevate the beer-drinking experience.

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