Exploring the Rich Heritage and Flavor Profile of Four Roses Small Batch and Blanton’s Bourbon

Made from a blend of four original recipes, Four Roses Small Batch bourbon stands out with its high corn (at least 60%) and rye (25%) content. This combination ensures a smooth and easy-drinking experience, making it a superb choice for bourbon enthusiasts. The bourbon’s fruity aspects and particularly the cherry flavor add a layer of complexity, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

Four Roses Small Batch and Blanton

Another exceptional choice for whiskey lovers is Blanton’s Single Barrel, especially the one from whiskey dumped on 20 April 2009, barrel number 300, located in rick 28 of Warehouse H. This dark amber single barrel bourbon, a flagship of Blanton’s range, earned the double gold medal at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Its classic caramel and vanilla flavors, complemented by deep vanilla and brown sugar notes, are a testament to its quality.

Blanton’s Bourbon (ad)

Albert Bacon Blanton, born in the winter of 1881, was instrumental in leading the company through challenging times in the 20th century. His hands-on experience at all stages of production is reflected in the quality of Blanton’s bourbon. Matured in American white oak barrels, it offers a bouquet of ripe fruit, citrus, spice, oak, vanilla, chocolate, toffee, and beeswax. The bourbon’s sweet taste is derived from its corn content, with rye and malted barley contributing to its rich amber hue.

For those new to single barrel bourbons, Blanton’s Special Reserve Green Bottle Bourbon is an ideal starting point. At 80 proof, it provides a gentle introduction to the bourbon world. The Black variant offers silky aromas of fruits, caramel, vanilla, apples, and cherries. Each bottle of bourbon must be matured in charred virgin Oak casks and contain at least 40% alcohol content (80 proof) to meet the standards of quality.

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