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Easy To Install – Your Walkway Mat Easily Plugs Into A Standard 120 Volt Outlet, So There Is No Electrical Work Required. Please Note That The 120V Power Source Is Sold Separately And One Power Unit Can Power Up To 5 Walkway Mats. Each Walkway Mat Is 1.3 Amps. Just Lay Out The Mat, Plug It In, And Watch The Snow Melt On Contact. No More Shoveling, No More Salting, And No More Slipping!.
2-Year Warranty – We Stand By Our Products! All Heattrak Products Come With A 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty From Date Of Shipment. In The Unlikely Event That Your Heated Snow Mat Malfunctions, We Will Make It Right For You..
The No-Slip Solution – Heattrak’s Heating Mats Are The Best Solution For Winter Slip Prevention, As They Continuously Melt Snow And Ice Keeping Surfaces Constantly Clear. Mats Have A Textured Surface To Provide Better Traction..
Portable And Easy To Store – The Heattrak Walkway Melting Mat Is Portable And Can Easily Be Rolled Up Or Stored Flat During The Summer Season..
Long Sidewalk? No Problem! – Create Your Own Snow Removal System By Easily Connecting The Multiple Heattrak Walkway Mats Together. A Single Power Unit (Sold Separately) Can Connect Up To 5 Walkway Mats..
Ideal For Most Surfaces – Your Snow Melt Mat Can Be Safely Used On Most Surfaces Including Concrete, Asphalt, Stone, And Wood Decks..
Affordable To Use – The 20” X 30” Walkway Melting Mat Only Costs 2 Cents Per Hour To Operate, And They Only Need To Be On When There’S Snow In The Area. Cost Is Based On The National Average Energy Cost Of $0.1319 Per Kwh.
Durable And Safe – The Engineers At Heattrak Have Taken Great Care To Develop A Durable, Safe, And Effective Snow And Ice Melting System, Which Can Be Left Outside For The Entire Winter Season..
Clear Your Path Quicker – This Heated Sidewalk Mat Melts Snow At An Incredibly Fast 2 Inches Per Hour. Your New Melting Mat Can Handle Just About Anything Mother Nature Throws At It..

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The Perfect Snow Melting Walkway Mat – Our best selling melting mat is perfect to keep your sidewalk or path clear of snow all winter long. This mat is 2.5 feet long and 20 inches wide making it ideal for walkways.Clear Your Path Quicker – This heated sidewalk mat melts snow at an incredibly fast 2 inches per hour. Your new melting mat can handle just about anything Mother Nature throws at it.Easy to Install – Your walkway mat easily plugs into a standard 120 volt outlet, so there is no electrical work required. Please note that the 120V power source is sold separately and one power unit can power up to 5 walkway mats. Each Walkway Mat is 1.3 Amps. Just lay out the mat, plug it in, and watch the snow melt on contact. No more Shoveling, No more Salting, and No more Slipping!Affordable to Use – The 20 x 30 walkway melting mat only costs 2 cents per hour to operate, and they only need to be on when there s snow in the area. Cost is based on the national average energy cost of $0.1319 per KWHLong Sidewalk? No problem! – Create your own snow removal system by easily connecting the multiple HeatTrak walkway mats together. A single power unit (sold separately) can connect up to 5 walkway mats.Ideal for Most Surfaces – Your snow melt mat can be safely used on most surfaces including concrete, asphalt, stone, and wood decks.The No-Slip Solution – HeatTrak’s heating mats are the best solution for winter slip prevention, as they continuously melt snow and ice keeping surfaces constantly clear. Mats have a textured surface to provide better traction.Portable and Easy to Store – The HeatTrak Walkway Melting Mat is portable and can easily be rolled up or stored flat during the summer season.Durable and Safe – The engineers at HeatTrak have taken great care to develop a durable, safe, and effective snow and ice melting system, which can be left outside for the entire winter season.2-Year Warranty – We stand by our products! All HeatTrak products come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty from date of shipment. In the unlikely event that your heated snow mat malfunctions, we will make it right for you.

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