How Has Rukmini Iyer Transformed Traybake Meals with Her Latest Book?

Renowned for revolutionizing traybake meals, Rukmini Iyer’s latest book explores the transition from roasting tins to barbecues. This culinary guide is brimming with delectable recipes that resonate with contemporary eating preferences. It spans a vast array of baked goods, including traybakes, muffins, loaf cakes, brownies, cookies, crumbles, tarts, cobblers, bread and butter puddings. Notably, it features gluten-free, vegan, and diabetic-friendly options.

Rukmini Iyer Book

One standout recipe is Chingri Macher Malai, a dish with spiced prawns in coconut milk, exemplifying simplicity and taste. The book also includes easy weeknight stir-fry recipes and innovative ways to use straight-to-wok udon noodles. With over 900,000 copies sold since 2017, Iyer’s Roasting Tin series, including “The Sweet Roasting Tin” and “The Green Roasting Tin,” has become a favorite among booksellers and readers alike.

Rukmini Iyer Roasting Tin Books (ad)

Her most popular work, “The Green Roasting Tin: Vegan and Vegetarian One Dish Dinners,” is a testament to her versatility, catering to both meat-eaters and vegetarians. Prizes for her book promotions include items like a Pillarbox Red Falcon Enamelware Pie Dish. Iyer’s influence extends beyond her culinary expertise, as she is often associated with the serene and mature image of Rukmini, the wife of Sri Krishna.

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