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How to Make a Delicious 8-inch Chiffon Cake with Durian: Step-by-Step Guide - Microwave Recipes

How to Make a Delicious 8-inch Chiffon Cake with Durian: Step-by-Step Guide

Q: Can I use regular chicken eggs instead of smaller ones?
A: Yes, adjust the quantity accordingly to compensate for the size difference.

Q: How do I know when the egg whites have reached stiff peaks?
A: When you lift the beater, the peaks should stand straight without collapsing.

Q: Is it necessary to preheat the oven?
A: Yes, preheating ensures even baking and optimal texture.

Durian-Infused 8-inch Chiffon Cake


  • Durian flesh - 60g
  • Fresh chicken eggs (small-sized) - 6
  • Granulated sugar - 36g, divided (27g for egg whites, 9g for egg yolks)
  • Milk - 40g
  • Corn oil - 50g
  • Low-gluten flour - 90g
  • Salt - 1g
  • Lemon juice - a few drops
  1. Separate the egg whites and yolks. Add 9g of sugar to the yolks and 27g to the whites.
  2. Prepare the dry ingredients: Sift 90g of flour.
  3. Prepare the fresh lemon and corn oil.
  4. Thaw frozen durian flesh.
  5. Purée the durian flesh until smooth.
  6. Whisk the egg whites, gradually adding the sugar in three parts, until stiff peaks form.
  7. Mix salt, sugar, corn oil, milk, durian purée, and egg yolks.
  8. Stir the mixture until smooth and then gradually sift in the flour, mixing to avoid lumps.
  9. Preheat the oven to 140°C and bake the cake for 60 minutes.
  10. Allow the cake to cool in the oven before removing it from the mold.
  • This recipe is rich in protein from eggs and contains healthy fats from durian and corn oil.
  • It's a high-energy dessert with carbohydrates from sugar and flour.
  • Contains vitamins and minerals from durian and lemon juice.
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