How to Make a Delicious Satay Pork Rib Hotpot: A Simple Guide

Q: Can I use a different brand of satay sauce?
A: Yes, you can use any brand of satay sauce for this recipe.

Q: Is it necessary to boil the ribs before frying?
A: Yes, boiling the ribs helps to tenderize them and remove any impurities.

Q: Can I add other vegetables to this hotpot?
A: Absolutely! Feel free to add vegetables of your choice to personalize the dish.

Satay Pork Rib Hotpot


  • Pork Ribs: 250g
  • Corn: 150g
  • Shiitake Mushrooms: 50g
  • "Tai Tai Le" Hong Kong Style Satay Hot Pot Soup Base Seasoning: 1 pack
  • Water: 400ml
  • Peanut Oil: As needed
  • Rock Sugar: As needed
  1. Cut the pork ribs into small pieces and boil them in water. Then, drain and set aside.
  2. Heat a small amount of peanut oil in a pot over low heat. Add rock sugar and fry until it melts. Then, add the ribs and stir-fry until they are evenly colored.
  3. Add 100g of "Tai Tai Le" Hong Kong Style Satay Hot Pot Soup Base Seasoning and 400ml of water. Bring to a boil.
  4. Add corn and shiitake mushrooms, and cook until done.
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  • Calories: Varies based on serving size and additional ingredients
  • Protein: High in pork ribs
  • Dietary Fiber: Present in corn and mushrooms
  • Sodium: Check the satay sauce package for details
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