How to Make a Quick and Delicious Solo Meal: Public Security Beef with Three Delicacies and Potato Noodles

Q: Can I replace the beef neck meat with another type of beef?
A: Yes, while beef neck meat (shoulder blade near the head) is preferred for its tenderness and marbling, you can use other tender cuts of beef as a substitute.

Q: What if I can’t find specifically “Public Security” three delicacies beef?
A: The “Public Security” style is a regional specialty, but you can use any high-quality braised beef mixture as an alternative. Look for a mix that includes beef and other savory ingredients.

Q: Is there a vegetarian alternative for this dish?
A: Absolutely! You can replace the beef with tofu or a mix of mushrooms for a vegetarian version. Keep the rest of the ingredients the same to maintain the dish’s overall flavor profile.

Quick Solo Meal: Public Security Beef with Three Delicacies and Potato Noodles


  • Beef neck meat (shoulder blade near the head), thinly sliced, 120g
  • Braised beef with three delicacies, 120g
  • 1 egg
  • Fresh shiitake mushrooms, 2 pieces
  • White radish, 100g
  • Baby cabbage, 80g
  • Potato noodles, 1 pack (180g)
  • Beef fat hot pot base, 1 piece (50g)
  • Tai Tai Le fresh chicken juice, to taste
  • Light soy sauce, 10g
  • Green onions, a small amount
  1. Fill a pot with a generous amount of water and add the sliced shiitake mushrooms, 100g of sliced white radish, and 80g of baby cabbage. Bring to a boil over medium heat.
  2. Once boiling, crack an egg into the pot and add 180g of potato noodles.
  3. Cook for about a minute, then add 50g of beef fat hot pot base and 10g of light soy sauce.
  4. Add a suitable amount of Tai Tai Le fresh chicken juice to enhance the flavor.
  5. Add 120g of braised beef with three delicacies and cook for another minute.
  6. Finally, add 120g of thinly sliced beef neck meat.
  7. Cook for half a minute, then turn off the heat. Sprinkle with a bit of green onions. For an authentic taste, pair with Public Security local green onions, though regular green onions can also be used.
  8. Note: The beef neck meat is a special part near the shoulder blade of the cow, known for its tender and fatty quality. You can buy pre-sliced versions at supermarkets for convenience.
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  • High in protein from beef and egg
  • Contains complex carbohydrates from potato noodles
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals from vegetables like shiitake mushrooms, white radish, and baby cabbage
  • Contains fats from beef and beef fat hot pot base