How to Make Delicious Norwegian Arctic Cod Fish and Egg Pancake: A Step-by-Step Guide

Q: Can I substitute another fish for Norwegian Arctic cod?
A: Yes, you can use other white fish, but the flavor and texture might vary slightly.

Q: Is it necessary to use fresh cod, or can I use frozen?
A: You can use frozen cod; just ensure it’s fully thawed and pat dry before use.

Q: What can I serve with this pancake?
A: It pairs well with a fresh salad or steamed vegetables for a balanced meal.

Norwegian Arctic Cod Fish and Egg Pancake


  • Norwegian Arctic Cod Fish: 1 piece
  • Green Onion (chopped): to taste
  • Egg: 1
  • Salt: to taste
  • Flour: 20 grams
  • Cooking Oil: as needed
  • Carrot (diced): to taste
  1. Prepare the ingredients as shown in the image.
  2. Beat the egg in a bowl, add the crumbled cod fish, chopped green onion, and diced carrot.
  3. Mix in flour, a suitable amount of salt, and other seasonings to taste, stirring until evenly combined.
  4. Pour the mixture into a pan and fry until the surface turns golden brown.
  5. Cut into pieces, plate, and serve.
  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids from cod.
  • Provides high-quality protein from both cod and egg.
  • Contains vitamins and minerals from green onion and carrot.
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