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How to Make Delicious Pig's Feet with Ginger Vinegar: A Step-by-Step Guide - Microwave Recipes

How to Make Delicious Pig’s Feet with Ginger Vinegar: A Step-by-Step Guide

Q: Can I use tender ginger instead of old ginger for this recipe?
A: Yes, tender ginger can be used for personal preference, but old ginger is recommended for traditional flavor.

Q: Is it necessary to use a specific brand of sweet vinegar?
A: While the recipe suggests using “添丁甜醋” (Tian Ding Sweet Vinegar), you can use any high-quality sweet vinegar available.

Q: How long should I stew the pig’s feet and other ingredients?
A: Stew everything in a pot on medium-low heat for about one hour, turning occasionally.

Pig's Feet with Ginger Vinegar


  • Pig's feet: 1000g
  • Ginger: 500g
  • Tian Ding Sweet Vinegar: 2 bottles
  • Brown sugar: 60g
  • Eggs: 12
  • Water: 300g
  1. Wash the ginger and scrape off the skin.
  2. Cut the ginger into slices.
  3. Boil the eggs in cold water for 10 minutes.
  4. Remove the eggs, cool in water, and peel.
  5. Clean the pig's feet thoroughly.
  6. Blanch the pig's feet in cold water with ginger slices for 5 minutes.
  7. Rinse the blanched pig's feet in cold water.
  8. Fry the ginger slices in a dry pan until the moisture evaporates.
  9. Similarly, dry the surface moisture of pig's feet in a hot pan.
  10. Prepare all ingredients: blanched and dried pig's feet, dried ginger slices, peeled eggs, brown sugar, sweet vinegar, and water.
  11. Place all ingredients in a clay pot and bring to a boil over high heat.
  12. Cover and simmer on medium-low heat for an hour, turning occasionally.
  13. Once stewed, the dish is ready to serve.
  • Rich in collagen and protein from pig's feet.
  • Ginger adds digestive benefits and a warm, spicy flavor.
  • Contains sugars and vinegar for a balanced sweet and sour taste.
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