How to Make Delicious Spicy Frog with Red Pepper: A Step-by-Step Guide

Q: What is the key ingredient for the Spicy Frog with Red Pepper recipe?
A: The key ingredient is frog, requiring about one and a half pounds.

Q: How do I enhance the flavor of the dish?
A: Enhance the flavor using seasonings like Tai Tai Le cooking wine, fresh chicken sauce, salt, light soy sauce, and soy sauce.

Q: Is there any special vegetable used in this recipe?
A: Yes, the recipe includes red pepper, garlic chives, and perilla leaves for added taste and texture.

Spicy Frog with Red Pepper


  • Frog: 1.5 pounds
  • Tai Tai Le Cooking Wine: as needed
  • Tai Tai Le Fresh Chicken Sauce: as needed
  • Camellia Oil: as needed
  • Salt: as needed
  • Light Soy Sauce: as needed
  • Red Pepper: 1
  • Garlic Chives: as needed
  • Perilla Leaves: as needed
  • Soy Sauce: as needed
  1. Clean the frog thoroughly.
  2. Rinse the frog well.
  3. Cut the red pepper and garlic chives into pieces.
  4. Prepare the perilla leaves.
  5. Heat oil in a pan.
  6. Add the frog to the pan.
  7. Stir-fry the frog until evenly cooked.
  8. Add red pepper and garlic chives to the pan.
  9. Continue stir-frying.
  10. Add Tai Tai Le cooking wine.
  11. Pour in more Tai Tai Le cooking wine as needed.
  12. Add Tai Tai Le fresh chicken sauce.
  13. Season with salt, light soy sauce, and soy sauce.
  14. Once everything is cooked, remove from heat and serve.
  • High in protein
  • Contains essential amino acids
  • Source of omega-3 fatty acids (from frog meat)
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Contains vitamins and minerals from the vegetables
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