How to Make Medication Time Easier for Pets with Pill Pockets

Pill Pockets for Pets

Pets, both cats and dogs, often accept medication more easily when it’s disguised in a small piece of bread or moist pet food. To create a pocket for the tablet, you can use various tools such as the end of a wooden spoon, a chopstick, a pencil eraser, or even a thermometer. It’s important to note that while these methods are designed to ease the administration of medication, they are not interchangeable.

Each treat is crafted like a tube, and after inserting the tablet, you need to pinch both sides to secure the medication inside. You can prepare these treats in larger batches by maintaining a 2:1:1 ingredient ratio. For instance, treats made with apple and peanut butter not only offer a natural ingredients list but are also highly appealing to dogs.

These homemade pill pockets can be refrigerated for at least four hours or until they are set. When choosing commercial options, Vetiq Pill Treats are an affordable and convenient choice. They are easy to use: just place the medication inside the pill pocket, pinch it closed, and give it to your dog. These soft and tasty peanut butter-flavored pockets ensure both quality and safety.

If the peanut butter used is low in oil, additional milk may be added, one teaspoon at a time, until the dough incorporates all the flour. Vet-recommended pill pockets with peanut butter flavor are a popular option. Greenies PILL POCKETS for Dogs, both in capsule size with natural hickory smoke flavor and tablet size with real peanut butter, are specially designed by veterinarians to mask the smell and taste of medicine.

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Greenies Pill Pockets for Dogs (ad)

Medication time can be stress-free for both dogs and pet owners when using pill pockets. Greenies also offer a bundle pack that includes a dental chew. It’s crucial to administer the correct dosage of medications like metoclopramide, which varies based on the treatment purpose. Dolasetron, an antiemetic, is often given by injection. Despite their convenience, pill pockets might not always be the healthiest option, but they offer a pet-friendly choice for many pet owners.