MOOKEERF N Cable N Male Cable 35ft, KMR400 Ultra Low Loss N Cable N-Ty


Dual Color Handle Made Of Non-Slip Soft Rubber. Ratcheting Mechanism Crimps To The Perfection With Less Force. Two Cavities: .610″/.186″ (15.49/4.72Mm).


Heavy duty crimp tool for LMR600 CNT600 TCOM600 WBC600 cable.Two cavities: .610/.186 (15.49/4.72mm)Dual color handle made of non-slip soft rubberRatcheting mechanism crimps to the perfection with less force

How big is the lmr-400 microwave coax cable?

This low loss flexible 50 Ohm coax cable LMR-400 is constructed with a 0.405 inch diameter and PE jacket.

What makes the lmr-400 a good antenna cable?

Low Loss: LMR-400 is distinguished from other antenna cables in the market for its low loss characteristics. It has the lowest signal-loss among its class and compared to most semi-rigid and hard-line cables. For example: LMR-400 loses 0.04 dB / ft. at 900 MHz as compared to 0.32 dB / ft. for the RG-174

Where can I Buy N cable for my microwave?

Fairview Microwave N cable assemblies can be purchased and shipped the same day from a large inventory of RF connector and coax types. If you require a custom N cable assembly configuration not found on our website, we will create it for you; simply contact our technical service department for assistance.

What kind of cable do I need for LMR?

Federal Custom Cable offers the grounding kits, hoist grips, snap-in hangers, support blocks, entry panels and weatherproofing kits for LMR cables. Federal Custom Cable also provides the required prep and assembly tools for field installations.