Nordic Ware Microwave Splatter Cover, BPA & Melamine Free, Clear Plastic Inch Pack

We present the Nordic Ware Microwave Splatter Cover, a paramount solution for maintaining your microwave clean. In clear plastic, this pack is exclusively free from BPA and Melamine. We assure you high quality with the utmost consideration for health and hygiene.

This product, coming from Nordic Ware, stands with guarantee for efficient functioning. Meticulously crafted, it’s a perfect fit for diverse microwave dishes, with clear plastic. By using this Splatter Cover, it cuts down your chore of microwave cleaning by preventing food splatters.

Moreover, the cover is free from chemicals like BPA and Melamine, ensuring safety for you and your family. An added benefit of this clear plastic cover is that it enables monitoring your food without the need to remove it, thus ensuring uninterrupted cooking.

This pack serves as a practical addition to your kitchen, offering ease and convenience in its use. The design, at the same time, is sleek and stylish, melding well with any kitchen decor. The durability factor ensures long-term use, offering great value for your investment.

Question: Is this Nordic Ware Microwave Splatter Cover only for specific microwave brands?
Answer: No, the cover is designed to fit most microwave dishes, not restricted to specific brands.

Question: What material is this cover made from?
Answer: The cover is made from clear plastic that is free from BPA and Melamine.

Question: Can I see my food while it is cooking with this cover on?
Answer: Yes, the clear plastic material allows for easy monitoring of food while cooking, without removing the cover.

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