What Makes Baileys Original Irish Cream a Timeless Indulgence?

Introduced in 1974 by Gilbeys of Ireland and now distributed globally by a major drinks conglomerate, Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur has become a staple in the world of spirits. With a recipe that has remained unchanged, Baileys continues to emphasize the importance of premium ingredients. Its acclaim is well-founded as it has earned more accolades at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition than any other Irish cream liqueur.

Renowned for its rich blend of aged Irish whiskey and fresh Irish dairy cream with a hint of cocoa and vanilla, Baileys offers a luxuriously creamy texture and taste. This unique blend, which took four years to perfect, results in a velvety drink that is perfect on its own over ice or as an addition to coffee or hot chocolate.

Aside from the classic flavor, Baileys also tantalizes the palate with limited editions like Baileys Colada, which infuses the signature Irish cream with creamy coconut and sweet juicy pineapple flavors. Despite being the singular product of its kind on the market, Baileys’ unmatched taste makes it a favorite indulgence for many.

As a company, Baileys prides itself on being B Corp Certified, joining a movement focused on benefiting all stakeholders and the planet. Drawing from Irish traditions in dairy and distilling, Baileys Original Irish Cream is a testament to the nation’s craftsmanship in creating pleasurable indulgences.

During the festive season, Baileys’ popularity soars with millions of bottles sold, second only to Prosecco in sales. Its sumptuous taste has made it not just a holiday favorite but a year-round treat for those who appreciate its smooth, rich flavor.

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Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur Bottle

With 217 calories per 65g serving, Baileys The Original Ice Cream is a decadent treat. Yet, it’s the signature velvety texture, a harmonious blend of cream and whiskey, that has truly cemented Baileys’ reputation as a luxurious indulgence.

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