How to Master the AF100 Series Ninja Air Fryer: Cooking Charts and Recipe Inspiration

The AF100 Series Ninja Air Fryer is a versatile kitchen appliance that successfully integrates the capabilities of a slow cooker, air fryer, and electric pressure cooker. This multifunctional gadget is ideal for preparing a variety of dishes, from crispy chicken and chips to perfectly cooked vegetables like carrots and green beans. Its unique design features heating elements at the top, amplified by a powerful fan, making it akin to an oven but more efficient in baking and roasting.

For those looking to make hearty meals, the air fryer excels with dishes like Lamb Chops and Roast Potatoes or Rosemary Chicken with Potatoes, providing a delightful family dinner experience. The large capacity grill in the air fryer ensures precise cooking with perfect results, potentially saving up to 45% on your energy bill. It’s also equipped with a range of cooking functions, including Pressure Cook, Air Fry, Slow Cook, Steam, Bake/Roast, and Sear/Sauté.

Ninja Air Fryer (ad) Discovering the versatility of air frying, you can experiment with traditional vegetables like air-fried carrots, potato wedges, and baked potatoes, or try something new with root vegetables like sweet potatoes, fennel, and beets. The Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 Multifunction Oven, with its 2-level cooking, allows you to prepare a main dish and sides simultaneously.

The Ultimate Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer Cookbook is an excellent resource for UK-based Ninja Air Fryer owners, offering a range of recipes tailored to this specific model. Whether you’re cooking garlic bread for 6 to 7 minutes until browned to your liking, or a whole chicken breast side up for 30 minutes at 350F/177C, this cookbook provides the guidance you need.

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With the Ninja Air Fryer’s Woodfire Technology, powered by electricity, you can enjoy authentic smoky barbeque flavors by burning real wood pellets. This innovative feature elevates the air fryer’s capability beyond traditional indoor grilling, allowing you to save up to 50% on your energy bill while still enjoying the delicious chargrilled flavors of outdoor cooking.

Please note that this air fryer model also supports refurbished versions including AF400UKCPREF, AF400UKCPREFB, AF400UKDBCPREF, AF400UKDBCPREFB, and AF400UKDBREFB. The 2022 FIRST edition of our ebook features 40 amazing Ninja Foodi recipes, offering fresh culinary inspiration for your next kitchen adventure.

Ninja Air Fryer Cooking